How to Decorate a Coastal Cottage on a Budget

Here’s your smart shopping guide for pulling together a complete coastal look without spending a treasure chest!

Stick to Your Theme You already have great style, so why not stay true to you! You can cut out extra spending by avoiding items that don’t fit your coastal theme or color palette. Not only does this decorating discipline stop unnecessary expenditures, but it also alleviates any style confusion in your beach-inspired home. Embracing this simple principle will give your home a distinguished coastal vibe that stands out from the rest!

Rethink Accessories There’s a decorative accessory for every occasion, but don’t get caught up buying more than you need. The key to stretching a budget is investing in versatile accessories that you can re-purpose and reuse. One of the best examples is lanterns. Style it with a votive and you’ve got a glowing candle holder, or you can place a few seashells inside and transform it into a stunning centerpiece. Purchasing multi-functional pieces will gives you the satisfaction of a great buy, as well as impresses your guests with your decorating creativity!

Mix and Match Flea markets and thrift stores are treasure troves for affordable, one-of-a-kind décor. Some decorators jump at the chance to mix and match old items with new, while others get anxiety just thinking about the rows and rows of uncategorized items. The rule of thumb for creating a cohesive look is to select fabrics and accessories with a common color or theme. Following this wallet-friendly trend adds character to your coastal home and complements its laid-back nature.

Bring the Outdoors Inside From a freshly potted hibiscus to handpicked seashells, finding ways to work natural pieces into your beach house is both easy and affordable. Substitute small decorative accessories and bowl fillers with objects that are straight from nature. Use these natural accent pieces as a decorating tool to bring the shore to your home and give your coastal style an authentic feel.

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